Werner Hoffmann

CEO | Pekuna

Crypto – and why you want to pay your taxes.

Learn why it is important to correctly report and pay taxes on cryptocurrencies, which transactions are taxable, and how to calculate profits in practice.

Werner Hoffmann

Werner Hoffmann is an expert in the field of crypto taxes. He has been fully dedicated to this topic for years and gained his expertise in the area of taxes first-hand while building tax IT systems as a civil servant.

With his company Pekuna, founded in 2018, he has helped dozens of clients with the tax preparation of their crypto transactions. Werner is also a recognized speaker: through his trainings, more than 500 tax advisors nationwide have been trained on the subject of cryptocurrencies and taxes.

His knowledge of crypto taxes is well-founded through his degrees in tax law and computer science. His practical and professional experiences in these areas, as well as his own investments in cryptocurrencies, round off his acquired expert status.