Tomas Marty

CEO | Sub7 Security

Tomas Marty, co-founder and CEO of Sub7 – The Web3 Security Lab, a cybersecurity innovation foundry with the goal of enabling superlative experiences in the decentralized world.

Tomas Marty

Tomas Marty is the CEO of Sub7 – The Web3 Security Lab, a cybersecurity company that specializes in smart contract audits and provides security awareness to NFT marketplaces, brands, and artists.

With over 10 years of experience in sales and business management, Tomas has been involved in the Web3 industry since 2017, with a particular focus on DeFi and NFT. He has a passion for integrating the most advanced technologies and exposure to various cultures, which he combines with his team’s creative minds to develop innovative solutions and initiatives.

Sub7 – The Web3 Security Lab additionally offers a SaaS solution and real-time checks that provides technical review and security awareness for NFT marketplaces, brands, and artists. The company’s mission is to make the Web3 ecosystem safer by providing high-quality smart contract audits and consulting services.