Sander Gansen

Co-Founder | NFT Tallinn

Sander Gansen, the founder of NFT Tallinn & Banana DAO, works on creating and promoting real-world use cases of the web3 technology while also building global web3 communities.

Sander Gansen

Sander Gansen is a proud father and tech nerd pursuing automation, longevity and networks. He’s also the founder and CEO of WOF Labs, a web3 media company, organising the biggest web3 event, NFT Tallinn, in Northern & Eastern Europe, hosting the NFT Tallinn Talks podcast and advising web3 gaming & infrastructure companies.

In general, Sander is fascinated by all things related to science and experimentation, as long as it has the potential to change the course of humanity for the better. Meanwhile, his main goal is to help speed up the adoption of emerging technologies, so we could all one day experience flying autonomous vehicles, smart dust and various use cases of biotech.

Having started his entrepreneurial career at the age of 14, he believes that every child should start their first business when four years old. Or at least before entering the teenage years. Because this way, we enter our 20s/30s having had enough time to learn the necessary skills and still have the power to start something extraordinary.