Rachel Geyer

Jill of all Trades | terahash

Rachel has been a full-blooded Bitcoiner since 2021 and is lucky to be one of the first to work full-time for Bitcoin. Rachel works for Terahash.space and Les Femmes orange, so gets to cover both the technical and emotional aspects of Bitcoin.

Rachel Geyer

Rachel was first introduced to Bitcoin by her son in 2017, but only understood the implications of this new technology in 2021, after a year of intense study on the subject.

Since 2022 she has devoted her time and energy working for the Bitcoin ‘cause’ and is a founding team member of Terahash.space, a bitcoin-only platform, which focuses on energy, education and events.

Noticing how comparatively few women there were in the Bitcoin space, Rachel co-founded ‘Les femmes orange’ in December 2022, organising Bitcoin educational events made by women, to encourage more women to study Bitcoin.