Pramod Sajja

President | Paramount Software Solutions INC & Farm To Plate

Pramod is a first-generation entrepreneur, experienced Servant Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry for over two decades.

Pramod Sajja

Pramod’s leadership and adaptability to industry and client demand, is one of the key enablers of Paramount’s consistent growth. He started Paramount Software in 1998, at the young age of 26, when most professionals start thinking of a career.

His understanding of the industry in the days to come, was a driving factor to start this venture singlehandedly, and in 20+ years he gave shape to an organization with 300+ employees.

Pramod has a knack for executing winning strategies, and inspires his team to blend with changes and demands in execution of client’s requirements.

He drives the organization towards building a competitive environment, yet not compromising of quality of inputs, and with consistency. He believes in long-term trustworthy relationships and has grown the enterprise to new heights with that sole belief and principles.

Corporate Philanthropy is one area which is very close to Pramod’s heart. Anyone who has known him in the years of his growth, knows his strong belief in giving back to the community in whichever little or big way he can. And that includes not only social development in the community but cultural and technological development, as well. His principle is if the community helped you grow; your growth will sustain only when you learn to help the community grow simultaneously.

Pramod’s association with SEWA International, Vibha, Access Life America for the past few years is an attempt to fulfill the personal goal of contributing to community development, and his vision is to continue these attempts, with the same zeal and commitment.

Pramod has been the recipient of TiE Top Entrepreneurs Award, Titan100 Award, Outstanding Business Leader Award, Small Business Person of the Year from Atlanta Business Chronicle, AsiaOne’s Global Indian, Social Impact Award, GMHA Humanitarian Award.