Philipp Rathenow

Gastronomer & Lightning Node Operator

For over 10 years, Philipp has been running Martin’s Bräu and Kolben Kaffee in Freiburg im Breisgau. Additionally, he manages a Lightning Routing Node that ranks in the top 100 globally.

Philipp Rathenow

In 2019, Philipp fell into the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole. By now, he has integrated a Bitcoin circular economy into his businesses. Guests can pay with Lightning, and some of his employees receive their salaries in Bitcoin via the Lightning network.

Both companies operate their own nodes and BTCPay Servers. To handle monthly payouts to employees, they even developed custom software.

For years, Philipp has been studying the dynamics and economics of the Lightning network. His routing node provides liquidity to his businesses, and recognized major nodes connect with him.