Nenad Miljkovic

Founder | Venture Studio Later Labs

Nenad is an entrepreneur in the sports business who is significantly changing the future of sports. He has strategically guided leading rights holders such as FC Bayern, SAP, adidas, Man City & DFB.

Nenad Miljkovic

Nenad Miljkovic has over 15 years of experience in the sports business, marketing, brand, and corporate development. As a Co-Founder, he built the sports agency Rapid Peaks and strategically supported clients like FC Bayern, DFB, adidas, SAP, Siemens, Man City, DAZN, or RB Leipzig, creating communicative highlights with them.

With his passion for entrepreneurship, technology, and the sports industry, he founded the sports-focused Venture Studio Later Labs in 2022. Later Labs focuses on advising companies, startups, and rights holders in the sports industry on innovation, venture, and brand building, as well as developing innovations and creating investment-ready products, brands, and companies.

Nenad and his team are constantly striving to collaborate with leading sports players to build innovative business cases that will significantly and positively change the future of sports. Currently, he is supporting DFB on its path to digital transformation, aiming not only to become the biggest but also the most digitally advanced and innovative sports association in the world.