Monalisa Agbata

Director of Marketing | Zenith Chain

Meet Monalisa Agbata: The Go-To-Market Strategist Driving Hypergrowth for startups in emerging markets including Africa, LATAM, and Asia Pacific Markets.

Monalisa Agbata

Monalisa Agbata is an accomplished go-to-market strategist with a wealth of experience in early and growth-stage startups. Her career is built on helping startups launch and gain market penetration in emerging markets, using her expertise to craft and convey unique stories to target customers, partners, and investors.

Currently, Monalisa is the Director of Marketing at Zenith Chain, a leading blockchain ecosystem creating real-life use cases for critical sectors across Africa, LATAM, and Asia Pacific Markets.

With nearly a decade of experience in marketing management, business development, and investor relations, she has a proven track record of positioning early-stage startups for hypergrowth in both B2B and B2C markets.