Maximilian Obwexer

Co-Founder & CEO | 21ENERGY

Maximilian is a Bitcoin enthusiast, entrepreneur, and has, among other things, already founded a successful advertising agency.

Maximilian Obwexer

Maximilian Obwexer is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Bitcoin-only company 21ENERGY GmbH. There, he develops “Sustainable Heating Solutions” based on Bitcoin miners, with the belief that many businesses and individuals will be drawn into the Bitcoin ecosystem due to the economic incentives. When entities can heat more affordably and sustainably with Bitcoin, it quickly becomes challenging to continue believing in the negative stereotypes associated with Bitcoin.

Maximilian has been heating his home with computational power since 2019 and is now introducing his solution to the public through the company 21ENERGY GmbH.

According to Maximilian, Bitcoin heating systems are the steroids of the energy transition, and in a few decades, Bitcoin heating will comprise a significant portion of all heating solutions. Bitcoin heating systems are among the easiest wins in the energy transition and are in urgent need of adoption.