Markus Schorn

Web3 Program Co-Lead | Deutsche Telekom AG

Markus Schorn is a seasoned executive and a prominent figure in the realm of emerging technologies and business models.

Markus Schorn

Currently serving as the Web3 Program Co-Lead at Deutsche Telekom AG, Markus Schorn plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s vision towards the decentralized web. With a remarkable achievement under his belt, Markus co-authored the Spiegel Bestseller titled “10xDNA – Das Mindset der Zukunft,” where he explores the transformative mindset needed for the future.

Recognized as a Special Adviser, Markus possesses a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies and their implications for businesses. His expertise lies in digital transformation and business
development across diverse revenue models. Throughout his career, Markus has consistently demonstrated his ability to bridge the gap between innovation and mass-market adoption, translating groundbreaking ideas into tangible outcomes.

With his strategic acumen and wealth of experience, Markus Schorn continues to be at the forefront of driving the next wave of technological advancements and business growth.