Mark Grech

Founder | ProdMark 365 | Emerging Tech Advisor

Unlocking the full potential of digital realms, Mark believes in building anything conceivable. Through his exploration of Web3, Blockchain, and cutting-edge technologies, he strives to create superior products and elevate customer experiences to new heights.

Mark Grech

With extensive experience in Product Management, Marketing, and Tech, Mark has thrived in diverse roles within leading global operators and affiliates. Over the past decade, he has built innovative platforms, empowered online gaming brands, and spearheaded business development efforts.

Since 2017, Mark has been immersed in exploring emerging technologies, particularly web3 and blockchain solutions. He possesses a genuine passion for networking, connecting with others, and fostering collaboration to drive innovation.

Driven by his knowledge and enthusiasm, Mark founded Prodmark 365 with a clear vision: developing immersive, next-generation products that deliver enhanced experiences. Leveraging various technologies, he is currently spearheading the creation of Pyaza, a fresh upcoming Social Network aimed at connecting people and facilitating learning about new technologies.