Julius Thiele

Founder | nerdminer

Founder of the Bitcoin Education channel “onebetterzero” and of nerdminer.de.

Julius Thiele

Julius Thiele’s goal is to explain and introduce Bitcoin to people in the simplest and most understandable way possible. He aims for anyone interested to be able to navigate the new realm of this decentralized digital currency. This drive led to the creation of the Bitcoin Education channel on Instagram called “onebetterzero,” where he has now published over 150 posts on the topic of Bitcoin.

In order to make the Bitcoin ecosystem more tangible, Julius launched nerdminer.de. This platform utilizes small-scale miners to playfully explain concepts like decentralization, Bitcoin mining in the context of renewable energy, hashrate, proof of work, and much more. This approach is distinct from anything seen before in the field.

In Julius’s perspective, a world where Bitcoin is the currency with the broadest common denominator is a better and more peaceful world. It’s a world in which people can freely develop and have the ability to store their labor time once again. He firmly believes that education is the key to making this vision a reality.