Frank Roskam

Founder & CEO | celebratix

Frank Roskam is the Founder & CEO of Celebratix, the Blockchain Ticketing Startup from Amsterdam that is solving the Event Industries’ most painful problems.

Frank Roskam

Frank Roskam (24) is the Founder & CEO of Celebratix, a Blockchain Ticketing Solution from Amsterdam.

With a combined 20+ years of experience in the Event Industry in The Netherlands between the Co-Founders + having sold 250.000+ tickets, Celebratix is set to solve some of the industries’ most painful problems through leveraging one of the most exciting technologies of our time; Blockchain.

In his keynote, Frank will explain “How Blockchain Ticketing will onboard the next billion users in Web3.0”. In doing so, he’ll give real-life examples as to how Celebratix is achieving this and explain why, counterintuitively, nót mentioning Blockchain/NFT’s/Web3 is the way to go to stimulating mass adoption.