Fabian Zentel

Podcast Host, Product Strategist & Community Enthusiast

As the host of the NFT & web3 Insider Podcast, speaker, and consultant in the field of web3 product strategy and community management, Fabian’s mission is to support individuals and businesses in harnessing the potential of web3 technology.

Fabian Zentel

As the host of the NFT & web3 Insider Podcast, Fabian captivates listeners with vibrant storytelling and profound knowledge of the web3 world. Since 2017, he has been deeply involved with cryptocurrencies. However, it was only when he realized the true potential behind colorful images that his journey into the web3 rabbit hole began. Today, Fabian is an active member of various web3 communities and gives a voice to the German-speaking web3 community through interviews with fascinating characters from the web3 & NFT space.

With a background of 10+ years in project and product management, always at the intersection of technology, innovation, and product & marketing, he now assists companies in web3 product strategy, product management, and community building. His clients, ranging from web3 impact startups to renowned auction houses, can leverage the possibilities of web3 technology and the power of community for themselves and their customer retention.

Behind this lies the vision that together, we can shape technological and cultural change and ultimately create a better world.

Outside of his web3 passion, Fabian is a proud father of two young children and resides in the picturesque Black Forest with his family and Labrador Balu. The personal retreat in the forest provides him with the perfect balance and inspiration for his role as a web3 storyteller and consultant.

By the way: Fabian loves POAPs! Be sure to ask him about his POAP when you meet him in Berlin.