Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk

CEO | staex

Unleashing autonomous objects empowers both creators and adversaries. Discover how web3 technology safeguards our control and assets, ensuring human agency over machines in the face of potential misuse. Join the discussion on proactive measures.

Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk

Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk is a passionate technology professional focused on decentralized systems, blockchain and security technologies.

In 2013, she joined the Security in Telecommunication research group at TU Berlin, where she received her doctorate (PhD).

Since 2017 she was heading the Blockchain Group, a unit of Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs (T-Labs). In 2021 she became a co-founder and CEO of Staex, a company that redefines connectivity and management for IoT with the power of blockchain.

Staex provides a secure and robust infrastructure for machines ensuring humans maintain agency over machines. Staex serves as a complete replacement for traditional cloud management in the context of IoT and connects machines to web3 networks, like “Paypal“ for machines.