Carmelo Lo Porto


Carmelo is a true polymath who has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur, Web3 enthusiast, and pop culture fanatic.

Carmelo Lo Porto

Carmelo Lo Porto has an extensive background in the music industry and has been the founder and managing director of Ever Ever Music for over ten years, providing guidance and support to high- profile artists such as Nicole Cross, Julita and Pbb Yea.

Furthermore, Carmelo is the CEO of NIFTEE, a company that uses NFT-Technology to provide the best Web3-Experience for everyone. He has a wealth of knowledge in artificial intelligence, digital strategy, Web3, NFT, and of course Crypto.

As an expert in pop culture, Carmelo understands the importance of new technologies and the need for easiest possible access to Web3 for mass adaption. He is also an avid fan of retro-gaming and philosophy, demonstrating his passion for the intersection of technology and human thought.

NIFTEE makes web3.0 possible for everyone. We are experts in the art, culture, music, and museum industry and shape the way into the world of future technologies with our developers. New target groups that are reached and old target groups that are inspired by this are the result of this joint journey.

With the “King of Rap” collection by Kool Savas or the auction of a 3D model of the winning Porsche from the Manthey racing team, the start-up around Carmelo Lo Porto and Andreas Braun proved its expertise in Web3, crypto art and the value of Non Fungible Tokens. Companies like ProSieben Sat1 Media or Bertelsmann used NIFTEE’s technology to create stunning Web3 campains.