Brice Vandevoorde


Unlocking Opportunities: How blockchain facilitates Real World Asset investment and its benefits for you?

Brice Vandevoorde

Brice Vandevoorde, an adept entrepreneur, holds dual Master’s degrees from Nice University in Political Science and International Law.

With a decade of Asia Pacific business experience, he co-founded REALIZ in 2022, democratizing investments and boosting global development. Brice Vandevoorde’s legal and marketing background fuels his vision, overseeing new directions while maintaining rigor.

Additionally, he co-established AC Invest Group in 2016, leveraging his real estate expertise for international markets and enabling investor access to professional returns. was born out of the need to invest savings for good returns while ensuring safety, which was a common problem faced by many. After realizing the potential of real estate investments in Europe and Asia, we pooled our resources and expertise to create a company that could help everyone to invest more effectively.

Using blockchain technology we settled on a platform that provides transparency and safety for investments and enables access to previously unavailable opportunities for everyone.
Today we open investment into Real world assets in just few clicks.