Benedikt Eikmanns

CEO & Co-Founder | Solity Network

Benedikt Eikmanns is co-founder of Solity Network, the risk infrastructure for Decentralized Finance, PhD candidate at Technical University Munich researching DeFi platform economics, and member of the board of the International Token Standardization Association (ITSA).

Benedikt Eikmanns

Already during his school years, Benedikt Eikmanns was passionate about the interdependence of business, technology and society. For this reason he decided to study Business Administration, Electronic Engineering, and Political Science (at Technical University Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians University, HEC Paris, ESADE Barcelona). After his studies, he started working at Roland Berger as management consultant and advised businesses, governments and institutions concerning emerging technologies.

His first contact point with crypto was in 2014, when he started researching Bitcoin-based use cases. In 2020, he started his PhD at Technical University of Munich with the research focus on token economics and DeFi.

In 2022, he co-founded Solity Network, the risk infrastructure for DeFi to enable real-time processing of risk across chains, protocols, and liquidity pools.