Bence Lukács

Researcher | Institute for Applied Blockchain

Bence Lukács

Bence Lukács started his career as a sports trainer and school teacher, but after a few years moved to higher education, where he was particularly active in teacher training and e-learning.

Through work in areas such as media didactics/instructional design, media education, organizational development, and openness, his passion for science ultimately led him to Open Science.

After discovering blockchain technology, new potential developments related to the changes and the development of society, pedagogy and science at large (#DeSci) became a central focus of his thinking and research.

Currently he works as an Education Consultant at the DBU Digital Business University of Applied Sciences in and as a researcher at the Institute for Applied Blockchain (IABC) in Berlin.

Additionally he is also the co-teamlead for the work group Science at the Bundesblock, while conceptualizing and building decentralized education projects as a side passion.