Antonia Roupell

Web3 Operations | Save the Children

What role do humanitarian organisations play in Web3 / Web5?

Antonia Roupell

Antonia leads Web3 operations at the global humanitarian organisation, Save the Children. She’s passionate about the intersection of decentralisation, development, and financial freedom as a human right.

Antonia has been working in humanitarian responses and disaster contexts for more than a decade. She has a background in video and news journalism. mainly focused on the Middle East region. Antonia holds a BA in Arabic and an MA in Transcultural Studies.

Save the Children is more than 100 years old and was the first global humanitarian organisation to accept a bitcoin back in 2013 in response to a typhoon that struck the Philippines.

In the last three years Save the Children has raised more than $7.5M in fiat value across various cryptocurrency donations. This year, Save the Children’s priority is to trial blockchain and decentralised technologies to improve humanitarian responses across some of the 116 countries they work.