Anh Bui

Lead Artist & Co-Founder | Stoned Ape Crew

Anh Bui is an illustrator and business psychologist. She is a co-founder of Stoned Ape Crew and serves as the project’s lead artist.

Anh Bui

The Stoned Ape Crew is the #1 cannabis community on the web3. Founded in 2021, they have released two NFT collections on Solana: “4200 Stoned Apes” and “4200 Nuked Apes”. Both collections sold out within minutes and are now among the largest NFT projects on Solana.

The community has its own products, with over 70,000 Twitter followers and participants from over 100 countries. Additionally, they organize their own events and have developed numerous technological innovations.

Their payment solution, PayLeaf, which allows people to pay and accept digital assets without owning a wallet, recently won the payment track in the largest hackathon on Solana.