Alexandros Ntolgkov

Web3 Educator

Alexandros is one of our Workshop Instructors and will share his knowledge with all interested people on the Workshop Stage.

Alexandros Ntolgkov

As a child, Alexandros often questioned why he was restricted to using Euros as currency in his country and not other currencies like Dollars, Yuan, Yen, or Rubles. It led him to believe that money is a scam, with its value derived solely from our collective belief in it.

Instead of blindly accepting money’s properties and its limitations, he felt humanity should explore alternatives as a community. They could experiment with creating their own currency, studying its effects on the local and global economy.

Being half Russian and half Greek, Alexandros was exposed to his father’s stories of the Soviet Union’s financial system collapse, resulting in chaos and widespread poverty. He also witnessed financial crises and breakdowns in Greece and Cyprus, where people woke up to find their bank accounts depleted overnight by their government to repay the country’s debts. These experiences reshaped his understanding of money and government corruption.

Discovering Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies revealed the decentralized creation of money he had envisioned as a child. He saw them as potential solutions to the financial breakdowns he had witnessed. Since then, he has dedicated his life to excelling in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, aiming to bring them into the mainstream and create a fairer financial world.

He pursued a 2-year MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia. This comprehensive program covered topics such as public blockchains, private DLT, regulation, token economics, decentralized finance, NFTs, the Metaverse, money principles, and more. Moreover, he obtained the Chartered Blockchain Analyst Certification, recognized by prestigious universities.

He worked in leading cryptocurrency media, decentralized digital identity, and tokenization. He is a guest lecturer at Rotterdam School of Management and contributed to a peer-reviewed academic book on web3. He is the writer of a popular daily cryptocurrency and web3 newsletter. He is part of CityDAO, contributing to the application of blockchain technology in decentralized government and is also doing independent consulting.