Albert Peci

Co-Founder & Web3 Lead | deltaDAO

Co-Founder at deltaDAO AG | New Data Economy via Gaia-X | Developer, Poet and Feminist | DAO | NFT

Albert Peci

Albert Peci, Co-Founder, Board Member, and Web3 Lead at deltaDAO, has been deeply involved in full-stack Web3 development since 2016.

He played a key role in creating the first version of the Gaia-X Trust Framework. Moreover, he has been developing and guiding the Pontus-X ecosystem and its specific Pontus-X network, enabling privacy-preserving data spaces.

deltaDAO AG, established in 2021 in Hamburg, is at the forefront of the data ecosystem, championing a transparent and decentralized data economy. Committed to empowering SMEs and large enterprises with technical control over their data, deltaDAO promotes monetization, shared utilization, and sustainable business models.

As a Gaia-X member specializing in privacy-preserving and web3 technology, they unveiled the innovative “Pontus-X” ecosystem in 2021. Their collaboration with key players like Polygon and EuProGigant led to the launch of the first Pan-European DLT network for Gaia-X in 2022, onboarding over 100 institutions.

With a core focus on transparency, sustainability, and data sovereignty, deltaDAO remains an emblem of innovation in the sector.