Adrian Pape

DeFi Analyst & Educator

Adrian advises investors and companies on building sustainable blockchain ecosystems and identifying sustainable DeFi investment strategies.

Adrian Pape

Adrian Pape is an expert in decentralized finance (DeFi) and digital assets. He will share his knowledge at the Best of Blockchain event, including workshops on wallets, tokens, and DeFi.

His professional journey began with a degree in Business Informatics, followed by a career in consulting, where he developed blockchain strategies for leading European banks as a DLT & Digital Assets Consultant. This role strengthened Adrian’s expertise in the practical application of blockchain and digital assets.

Adrian’s career path also led him into the dynamic world of startups. Initially, he worked as a project and product manager for a DeFi-focused startup. Later, he served as Head of Marketing and Sales at an AI/Metaverse startup.

His expertise in DeFi and digital assets, as showcased on his LinkedIn profile, is highly regarded. Adrian recognizes the challenges many face when navigating the realm of crypto and Web3 projects and offers his expertise as a solution.

As a Digital Asset & DLT Consultant and Token Analyst, Adrian has developed the skills to analyze crypto projects accurately and identify their sustainable value. He assists in finding the best crypto projects with minimal effort and provides secure and helpful tips and tools.

The Best of Blockchain will provide participants with the opportunity to gain insights into DeFi, wallet setups, and DAOs through various workshops.