The summary of all frequently asked questions and their answers. All information gathered in one place so you don’t need countless clicks to find the right answers.

How can I buy tickets?

You can buy the tickets through our ticket shop. You can access the shop via our ticket page in the menu.

Can I pay for my tickets in Bitcoin?

Through the Berlin Bitcoin Space shop, you can pay for your tickets in Bitcoin and even receive a 21% discount.

What is the Berlin Bitcoin Space?

This is a conference within a conference. The Berlin Bitcoin Space is also organized by us in parallel at the STATION. Both tickets are valid equally, only the payment options are different.

What prior knowledge do I need to bring?

You don’t need to bring any prior knowledge. Best of Blockchain is here to introduce you to the technology. Through the diverse lectures and workshops, you will receive exciting input and can get comprehensive information.

Is the conference conducted in German or English?

On the Business Days (October 5th + 6th), the main language is English; on the Community Day (October 7th), the main language is German. However, there will be occasional exceptions.

What catering options are available?

There will be various food and beverage stations, as well as freshly brewed coffee from espresso machines all day long.

What forms of payment are accepted at the conference?

We do not accept cash at our conference. You can pay everywhere with a card or with Bitcoin via Lightning.

Is it possible to book meeting rooms or the podcast room?

If you want to continue a promising conversation in peace or want to arrange a meeting with (business) partners in advance, you have the option of booking meeting rooms for certain periods of time and paying for them, for example, via lightning.

The podcast room offers you the unique opportunity to record your podcast directly at the conference and share it with the world.

Just get in touch with us for that!

I am only interested in one area, do I have to visit the entire fair?

Of course, you can only check out the area you are interested in.

The topic areas and stages are spatially separated – so there is something for everyone.

Is the venue accessible?

All the halls we occupy are wheelchair accessible. Halls 6 and 7 also have wheelchair accessible toilets.

What's the transportation connection to the venue?

The Gleisdreieck subway station is located about 60 meters away and is served by the U1, U2, and U3 subway lines.

Are there parking options at the venue?

Unfortunately, there are no parking options on the premises, but parking is available (for a fee) on Luckenwalder Straße.
Furthermore, the Gleisdreieck parking garage with about 1500 parking spaces is located about 60 meters away.