Not only do our stages have a lot to offer – there is also a lot to discover around them. Our halls will be filled with many great exhibitors showcasing their products and services.

The Best of Blockchain will take place over three days and provide a comprehensive range of blockchain knowledge in various forms. From presentations on stages to workshops and an art gallery, there is something for everyone here.

The first two days are business days – where companies that have already integrated blockchain technology into their business or built their entire company on the blockchain can present themselves. Additionally, we want to demonstrate to all other companies the options for integrating this new technology. It is the perfect opportunity to establish and expand partnerships.

On the third day, the Customer Day takes place. With an affordable ticket price, we want to make the world of blockchain technology accessible to all interested parties and give the community the opportunity to exchange ideas.
We are revolutionizing all previous blockchain events by not only focusing on B2B, but also giving interested individuals the chance to learn more.

You will find our exhibitors here very soon.

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All exhibitors at a glance

At a glance

Berlin Bitcoin Space

Terahash is the gateway to the world of Bitcoin. Here, you will find a comprehensive platform to connect people and businesses within and outside the Bitcoin market environment.


Here you will soon find all information about our exhibitors and where to find them.

Hall Plan

In our hall plan, you can get a first overview of the entire event space. Soon a detailed plan will follow, in which you will find the locations and times of all speakers and exhibitors, as well as many other useful information about the fair.