It’s more than just a jpeg! A non-fungible token is a digital unique item that represents a specific object on a blockchain, attests to the authenticity of the file, and also represents its usage rights.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-fungible Token” – which loosely translates to “non-replaceable value token”. NFTs are collectible digital assets such as crypto artworks, virtual real estate, digital trading cards, or game characters. Even documents such as identity cards or vaccination records could be stored on the blockchain.

NFTs work by tokenizing digital assets on the blockchain, creating a digital token that can be bought or sold. When someone buys an NFT, they receive a key that is stored in the digital network and grants access to that NFT on the blockchain network. The key is proof that one owns the original copy of the NFT and should be kept safe at all times.

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Adrian Krion

Founder & CEO | Spielworks + Wombat

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Founder & CEO | Thrilld Labs

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Co-Founder & CEO |

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Anna Graf

Web3 Metaverse Consultant | Arvato Systems

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Anthony Day

Blockchain Podcast Host

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Diego Borgo

Metaverse & NFT Consultant

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Dr. Annette Doms

Web3 Evangelists

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Gero von Drateln

Business Consultant | Web3 & NFT

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John Kraski

Director of Strategic Partnerships | LandVault

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Kassi Burns

Attorney | King & Spalding

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Laura-Marie Geissler

LMG Racing Club

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Nir Kouris

Founder | Creator Nations

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Pracht & Elend

Tom & Dominik | Podcaster

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Takeshi Kito

Vice-chair | Fintech Association of Japan

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Tibor Mérey

Managing Director & Partner | BCG

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Valeria Henkel

Co-Founder & Managing Director | metavalue

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