Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is the future of financial markets. Using smart contracts, this area enables digital financial services and is no longer dependent on traditional financial service providers.

Was ist DeFi?

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance. DeFi transfers traditional financial products into the decentralized world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. DeFi follows the peer-to-peer idea of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin: on decentralized financial markets, market participants can trade directly with each other or lend money to each other without the intermediation of a central institution such as a bank. The DeFi transactions are automated through so-called “smart contracts”. These “intelligent contracts” are, in simplified terms, computer programs that execute themselves as soon as certain conditions are met.

Our speakers for the topic DeFi

Anthony Day

Blockchain Podcast Host

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Christian Rau

Mastercard Europe

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Christopher May

Co-Founder & Co-CEO | Finoa

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Dr. Dr. Johannes Blassl

Specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law

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Dr. Joachim Schwerin

Principal Economist | European Commission

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Dr. Markus Rotter

Lawyer | Joker Business | Duske & Partner

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Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld

Founder | Marthaverse

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Erwin Voloder

Senior Policy Fellow | EBA

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Eugenio Reggianini

European Blockchain Association

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Giannis Rousopoulos

Policy Advisor | Hellenic Parliament

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Greg Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO | Rubicon Crypto

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Holger Rohm

CEO | Kryptonauten

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Maha Al-Saadi

PRRC | Bankhaus Scheich / tradias

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Moritz Nold

Crypto Tax Manager | CoinTracking

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Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner


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Raphael Sperling

Tax Consultant | Tax Sparrow

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Sarah Gottwald

Managing Director | Blockchain Founders Group

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Takeshi Kito

Vice-chair | Fintech Association of Japan

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Théo Pelliet

Head of Ecosystem | OKP4

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Tom Teichmann

Co-Founder & CEO | Azqira

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Tomas Marty

CEO | Sub7 Security

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Werner Hoffmann

CEO | Pekuna

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