Birds of Berlin

BoB Ambassadors

The  Birds of Berlin – BoB Ambassadors

are individuals – content creators, builders, event organizers, moderators, thought leaders, or evangelists – that are passionate about contributing to the advancement of the BoB mission:

“Oconnecting organizations, bodies and individuals across society within the Space and raising awareness around blockchain technology as a whole.”

Recognized for their expertise and willingness to help others learn about the field and community, ambassadors can streamline the experience of the BoB conference incl. its community and becoming confident in Blockchain technology.

About the Ambassador-Program

Who You Are:

  • Passionate about BoB and its mission to share the benefits of Blockchain technology with all audiences
  • Eager to get more involved with the development of BoB and help the conference to grow
  • Currently engaging & networking with others in the community
  • Demonstrated contributions to the community via your unique skill set

What You’ll Do:

  • Actively participate in BoB community channels (Social Media, Telegram)
  • Create content by writing blogs, guides, video series or other
  • VHost virtual events and/or physical meetups on BoB-related topics
  • Represent your specific region in the community
  • Network and participate in regular calls with other ambassadors

Ambassador Perks

Becoming an ambassador has its perks – BoB ambassadors get access to resources, special merch, onboarding and support from existing experts. You’ll also join a network of ambassadors composed of creators, developers and other key community members.


Direct access to core BoB for support, guidance and development and opportunities.


Exclusive access to ambassador only channels, and opportunities to connect with creators, developers, and key members of our community.

Career Growth

Kickstart your career with hands-on experience and make your name known in the BoB and Blockchain ecosystem.

Exclusive Benefits

Daily access to VIP Area
Access to Networking Event, Speakers Dinner, After Show Party.
Exclusive swag for yourself and for events that you host.

How You Can Contribute

Possibilities are endless, depending on your background and skills. We’ll listen & support initiatives that you think can benefit the community.


  • Project Promotion
  • Community Guidelines
  • Educational Material
  • Community Advisory


  • Translations
  • Interpersonal Contributions
  • Content Creation
  • Mentorship

Alexandra Overgaag

Founder & CEO | Thrilld Labs

To the Ambassador

Dr. Annette Doms

Web3 Evangelists

To the Ambassador

Valeria Henkel

Co-Founder & Managing Director | metavalue

To the Ambassador

Daniel Wingen

Founding Partner | UTXO Solutions

To the Ambassador

Martin Betz

Founding Partner | UTXO Solutions

To the Ambassador

Ulrike Lierow-Schad

Managing Director Berlin | CV Labs

To the Ambassador